Jul 1, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Im getting error (80020321) or something like that
A: You need a CFW or try switching UMD Mode to "m33 Driver: NO UMD-)" or "Sony NP9660: NO UMD -)"

Q: My Game Freeze before starting the game
A: Try from UMD Mode from "M33 Driver: NO UMD-" to Sony NP9660: NO UMD -)" or vice versa

Q: The links are dead or not working what should i do?
A: Let me know by adding comment or IM me @ kamikazee_rockista@yahoo.com

Q: Did you upload all the games itself?
A: NO not everything.. but some games are uploaded by me. i only share links from different sites and compile it here.

Q: I downloaded a game but its a .rar file
A: You will need winrar to open the file then extract it somewhere..
open the file..
and just follow the instructions..

Q: How do you install games?
A: If you already have a CFW (custom firmaware) just put the ISO or CSO file in iso folder in the root directory of your psp (D:\ISO)

Q: Are you a leech?
A: YES? are you not? hehe :)

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