Aug 5, 2010

Every Extend Extra

  • Every Extend Extra
  • Release Date: November 02, 2006
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher/Co-Publisher: Buena Vista Games / Bandai
  • Developer: Q Entertainment
  • Download
We're not sure what's in a name when it comes to Every Extend Extra, but, seeing as how the game creates a genre unto itself, we're willing to say it fits. This unique concoction serves up a sure-to-be addictive blend of arcade-style shooting, cutting-edge music, and vibrant visuals. The mix combines into a brew best described as "puzzle shooter." (Though even though you're shooting, you're not actually shooting.) Evade enemy attacks then counterattack with precision timing to trigger explosive chain reactions. Bigger chain reactions bring bigger scores, bigger rewards, and a continuing barrage of light and sound. There's nothing else like it.


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