Aug 3, 2010

MX vs. ATV Unleashed: On the Edge

  • MX vs. ATV Unleashed: On the Edge
  • Release Date: February 28, 2006
  • Genre: Racing
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Developer/Co-Developer: Tantalus / Rainbow Studios
  • Download
MX vs. ATV: On the Edge pits motocross bikes against ATVs in a battle to see which off-road beast will conquer free-roaming worlds of unforgiving terrain. The immense worlds are packed with SuperMoto, Short Track, and Hill Point races. Conquer other types of impossible terrain in other hulking machines ranging from monster trucks to sand rails to 4x4 golf karts. Pull off over 40 stunts waiting to be mastered in Outdoor Freestyle Mode, compete in four-player ad-hoc wireless races, try mini-games, and test your skills in specialized challenges. All the while THQ's rhythm racing engine brings the adrenaline-fueled action to life with remarkable realism.


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