Aug 7, 2010

Twisted Metal: Head-On

  • Twisted Metal: Head-On
  • Release Date: March 21, 2005
  • Genre: Racing Shooter
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Developer: Incognito Entertainment
  • Download
Vehicular combat has never been so good. Twisted Metal features loads of car-crunching action with two main game modes - singleplayer and multiplayer. Topnotch cinematics and Wi-Fi matches make this PSP title a must-play. A variety of familiar and new characters are available - Sweet Tooth, Roadkill, Axel, Crimson Fury, Grasshopper, Hammerhead, Mr. Grimm, Mr. Slam, Outlaw, Shadow, Specter, Thumper, Twister, Cousin Eddy, Gene Ruttish, Dark Tooth, and Warthog. Modes include Story, Challenge, Endurance, and Multiplayer for up to eight players (using the PSPs built-in Wi-Fi functionality).


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