Aug 7, 2010

Ultimate Block Party

  • Ultimate Block Party
  • Release Date: December 06, 2005
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher/Co-Publisher: Crave Entertainment / CyberFront Corporation
  • Developer/Co-Developer: MagicPot / ArtDink
  • Download
Bring your best footwork and a fast-moving thumb to this puzzle party! In Ultimate Block Party, you've got to shift, turn, and lineup colored blocks to clear the playing area before the pile gets too high. The blocks won't make it easy for you. They hide, change size, and try other tricks to keep the action fast-paced and unpredictable! Five modes include Arcade, Campaign, Versus CPU, Single Player, and head-to-head Wi-Fi. Beginners can start in Tutorial Mode, where player challenges serve up tips and tricks. Eight Anime-style characters will be in attendance, all with advanced AI for an extra challenge.


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